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“Everyone is keenly aware of the substantial and large infrastructure problems we have.”A primary concern, Crawford said, is the aged sewer system.Shreveport Department of Water and Sewerage confirmed reports of sanitary sewer outflows, or the release of wastewater, around the city due to the rain. Barbara Featherston, water and sewerage director, said crews spent the day addressing the reports and checking for blockages in sewer lines.Buy PhotoA motorist makes their along Jordan Street as a man hole is pushed up from heavy rains that hit Shreveport early Thursday morning. (Photo: Douglas Collier/The Times)When the rain and overflows stop, the department will revisit locations of reported SSOs to do cleanup and disinfect, she said.Featherston said her department also received reports of manhole covers, which can weigh between 150 and 250 pounds, floating in the streets due to the rain.

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